Headies Organizers discharge proclamation on the dramatization that happened on recompenses night

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Headies Organizers discharge proclamation on the dramatization that happened on recompenses night

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:47 pm

Perused the official proclamation from Headies Awards association underneath...

We are pleased with what we have accomplished throughout the years. The Headies stage has birthed the professions of numerous artistes who are of A-rundown status today. We are likewise happy that we have reestablished pride and esteem into the triumphant of a privately sorted out music recompenses and, we have commended aesthetic resourcefulness for 10 straight years; a deed no other gathering before us could accomplish.

Each year, the screening group order every single imaginative material discharged in the year in survey and screen for designation. This repetitive procedure continues for no less than three months before the screening group turns out with a last rundown. The voting classifications, for example, 'Melody Of The Year', 'Craftsman Of The Year', and 'Next-Rated' are left entirely for fans to vote and pick the victors. We wish to say completely that we don't mess with the result of the voting process. The point of confinement of our association in this voting procedure is to counsel the chosen people to draw in their fans and request for their votes. We don't acknowledge any obligation regarding disappointment with respect to the chosen people or their record mark, when they neglect.

Lamentably, most times, Voting, Year In Review and Definitions Of Each Category, are by and large underestimated by numerous craftsmen. We can likewise bear witness to, and therefore state completely that, there is no confirmation that any of the artistes bothered and vocal about their disappointment to the turnout of the honor, voted in the 'Following Rated' class, as our voting process catches email addresses and telephone numbers.

We have guaranteed that the recompenses happened paying little heed to sponsorship, and that it improves with every passing year, without giving reasons about difficulties. We might not have gotten everything 100% right, but rather respectability has been our watch-word. The 109 Nigerian artistes that have won can verify the way that they don't did anything not the same as those that have not. Grants by nature, are and will dependably stay, questionable with the exception of each chosen one gets one.

We attempt to guarantee that champs are inside of scope before reporting their class, as the entire pith of praising gifts will be vanquished without that.

While it is not strange for an artiste or a gathering to vent their dissatisfaction, we firmly censure a wide range of uncalled for behavior and the utilization of obscenity on live TV. In the same way, we denounce provocative remarks. Altogether, we see no utilization or explanation behind a displeased artiste or gathering to wreck important properties put set up to give them additional solace before they perform or go ahead stage. This is absolutely unsatisfactory and will be tended to.

We compliment all chosen people and champs of The Headies 2015 and wish them a more fruitful 2016.

Headies Secretariat


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